Gather Your Information

To be entered into the State Medical Marijuana Registry the following is mandatory:

  1. Your full name (must match your submitted ID)
  2. Your Date of Birth
  3. ID:  A valid Ohio Driver’s License or State ID.  Other forms of identification require two additional forms documenting your Ohio residency
  4. Physical Address (must match your driver’s license or state ID address)
  5. Telephone number
  6. A valid email address.  All correspondence with the State Registry is electronic using your email address on record

To receive a recommendation:

  • Copies of supporting medical records must be provided documenting your qualifying condition.
  • 20-digit Registry number for renewal patients.

For renewals:

  • 20-digit Registry number from your card is required to verify your registry status.

Helpful additional information:

  • You may request up to two (2) caregivers defined as someone who can go with you or for you to a dispensary.  All six requirements above must be supplied to register a person as a caregiver.
  • Documentation supporting a request for Special Status:
    • SSI/SSDI letter from the current year
    • Proof of veteran status

Next Steps

  • Select appointment type
    • New
    • Renewal
    • Consultation only
  • Select an appointment time, complete the basic information, then submit
  • Complete the Patient Questionnaire that you will receive by email and Upload all requested documents.
  • Check you spam or junk mail if you do not find the questionnaire in your regular email.
  • Receive appointment confirmation (only after submitting your signed patient questionnaire).
  • Use the Telemedicine link provided 10 – 15 minutes prior to your scheduled virtual visit.
  • If you are a new patient and are approved for a recommendation:
    • Your recommendation will be valid for up to 360 days (Four 90-day blocks).
    • You will receive two (2) No-Reply emails from the State Board of Pharmacy.
    • In the first, click the link in the first sentence to create your account using your email address as your username and your own personal password.
    • Pay the state fee of $50 ($25 Veterans and Indigent).  Yearly registration with the State is required.
    • The second email confirms your diagnosis validation.
    • Download your card as an image or PDF which will show both your card expiration date and your recommendation expiration date.
    • Caregivers will be added upon request and will need to follow the preceding steps.
    • Records requesting special status (Indigent or Veteran) will be submitted to the state and upon approval will allow completion of the registration steps on the Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry website. (
  • If you are renewing your recommendation in the State Registry:
    • No renewal email or link will be sent by the registry.
    • Pay for your registration renewal in the month that it is due ($50 or $25 depending on your status).  If a valid and current recommendation is not in the system, the renewal button will not appear.
    • Download your new card as a .jpg or PDF.